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"A cultural leap of a Romance language that left the others behind in expressing with only one letter a sound that other languages continue to express with two." Nobel Prize winner in literature, Gabriel García Márquez.
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Creative Move

We've moved our studio to the country. Nestled among the live oaks, cedar and mesquite trees on a hill overlooking a valley of rolling hills is our home outside of Austin between Elgin and Bastrop.

The sky is our ceiling, the wildflowers our neighbors and the landscape our inspiration for creative thoughts and energy.

Let our dramatic flow of images and graphic design inspire you to be creative.

It's Spring. New ideas. New space. New look. It's time.

Creative Mode

Yes, we've moved. We're still creating and plugging away as usual. Regrouping now means stepping outside, breathing fresh air and listening to the life outside our four walls. It's great.

I just saw an ad today for "Retro Pepsi" with real sugar. That's All I needed to hear. I actually got up and "grooved" to the music. "Real sugar!" That's exactly what I need during times of creative block. Something with a kick, something funky, something sweet like halloween. Pepsi is cool as it is, but sometimes you need to go back to your roots and scream.

Brentwood Christian School:Admissions Packet. Pocket folder, inserts, paper system.
on the drafting table

Event Poster

Client: Grapevine, Texas Parks and Recreation Department

Design: Steve Lara


Trade Publication Advertisement

Client:Cutting Edge Lawn Service

Show:April 09

Design: Steve Lara


Client:Nelson Acoustical


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Our love for life in general, naturally leads us into photography. Photography allows us to capture the world as we see it and to express ourselves into the final print. As you can see, we both have different styles which in the same manner we compliment each other in our design and marketing. Both creating, yet capturing different angles and perspectives along the way.

Please browse through a select variety of our photography, let us know what you think.


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strange little facts
ñ is considered a letter in its own right, with its own name – ñ and its own place in the alphabet after "N." We named our studio Enye to represent the need to stand out in a world that is ever changing.